Capoeira India at Super FIght League

The Super Fight League is India's first attempt at promoting Mixed Martial Arts in the country. Capoeira is increasingly becoming an important training component in the world of MMA. In North America, a Capoeirista holds the record for one of the fastest knockouts in MMA history. Hence, it was only a matter of time before Capoeira India was invited to showcase the art form in the country's only MMA league. Led by Baba, our Capoeiristas wowed the audience with their skills, agility and talent. Here are excerpts of their performance -





Feb 27th 2013: In keeping with the spirit of Car Free Day, Centre for Capoeira India arrived in full spirit at Carter Road, Mumbai to share the joys of healthy living. Check out some of the pics from the event -

6th Annual Batizado & Troca de Cordao 2012

Here's the schedule for this year's much anticipated Batizado and Troca De Cordao. Our guests for this year are - Mestre Chicote, Mestre Cueca, Monitora Alegria and perhaps a surprise guest as well!


Instructor Baba first came across Capoeira in Israel when he followed the sounds of African drums to a class full of happy, sweaty people moving under the guidance of Mestre Cueca. That was ten years ago. In June this year, Capoeira India was invited to attend twenty years of Capoeira in Israel. Thirteen of us, including Baba, embarked on a journey to be a part of an amazing celebration of rhythm, camaraderie and pure Capoeira. We met some of the most prolific masters of the art, immersed ourselves completely in the high octane Rodas and workshops, and realized our own true potential as a country of young, but talented Capoeiristas.

Here are some of  the best moments from our unforgettable experience :

Day of departure at the international airport in Mumbai

Caesarea, Israel

Mestre Cabello and Mestre Casquinha

Check out videos of some of the games from the event:

Mestre Cueca & Contra Mestre Primo

Tico & Biriba

Mestre Cabello (in white) & Mestre Cueca

This was just a glimpse of what we saw, felt and experienced in Israel. It was all truly breathtaking! Now, Capoeira India is gearing up for its annual event - The Batizado and Troca de Cordao in December. We've been inspired and we are bringing all of our energy to this special event. See you there!

P.S. For more information on the Batizado, do visit our Facebook page -

ElleFitness - Capoeira

Check out Elle India's article on Capoeira - empowering men, women and children across the planet!

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Batizado 2011 - The best week of Capoeira

WOW! What a week of Capoeira! It all started with the arrival of Contra Mestre Cueca and Mestre Edan on the 29th of November. A good bunch of us were at the airport along with Baba, anxiously waiting their arrival. Baba was the most excited! The man couldn't stop pacing around, like a caged tiger. I don't think he blinked for a good half hour. Suddenly he hollered excitedly and that's when we all knew that the masters had arrived. Edan's first visit to India. We were all so excited!

Mestre Edan's arrival

The following day we had our first workshop with the two mestres at Juhu Gymkhana. It was also Mestre Edan's first introduction to the rest of the group and also to the level of Capoeira in India. I'm sure Cueca had briefed him well in advance of what to expect from the group, but Edan was definitely in for a shock. In 5 years, Baba has done a lot more than simply increase the number of Capoeiristas in his classes. He has actually developed Capoeiristas - people who understand the philosophy of the art and are able to express themselves through their bodies beautifully. That day, the roda at Juhu Gym was incredible! It was full of energy and good Capoeira; so much so that even Edan couldn't resist and played quite a few games with us. At the end of the workshop Edan said that we had far exceeded his expectations. What really impressed him was that India has capoeiristas with rhythm, flow and naturally expressive movements - fundamental aspects of the art that require years of training to develop. We, of course, had no idea that we possessed such qualities in our games, given that we are such a young bunch of Capoeristas. But that was a huge compliment to all of us, including Baba!

Batizado on the 2nd of December. The venue was perfect, the kids were on time, our fellow adult capoeristas were bang on schedule, making sure everything was being set up and the kids were prepared for their performances. Half an hour before the event, the parents and relatives of all capoeiristas started filling up the venue. The hall at Juhu Gym was jampacked! The show was about to begin.

Here's a clip of the Batizado -

The very next day, we all headed out to Karjat for four days of Capoeira workshops, Barbeques, Samba and Forro. We learnt so much and had so much fun that the entire week passed by in a blink of an eye! What we've all taken from this 5th Batizado is that we have so much more to experience in the art of Capoeira and every little step we've taken forward, has helped us grow more as individuals. Life for us Capoeirstas is in the Roda.


Batizado 2011 Itinerary & Venue


Hello everyone!

The itinerary for the workshops leading up to the Batizado and after, is now confirmed. And boy do we have an exciting itinerary!! Just take a look at the pictures of the resort at Karjat and what has been planned for everyone! Abooom! -

Our destination - Pinewood Resort, Karjat

The lawn outside the resort.....Fiesta!


The room where we'll have our indoor workshops

And the Itinerary - 

This is what we look forward to each year! All our hard work, year long, culminates to this....just the itinerary alone gets the blood pumping. The pictures just make us salivate in anticipation! So quickly contact Bombom to make your payments and confirm your space at the Batizado! Axé total!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the most anticipated capoeira event of the year is finally around the corner - Batizado 2011 is happening on the 2nd of December! To celebrate Capoeira India's fifth landmark year, we roll out the red carpet for Mestre Edan ( CDO Israel ), Contra Mestre Cueca ( CDO Israel ) and Professor Tico Moraes ( CDO Russia )

During the event we will also schedule workshops with these teachers, which will give students an opportunity to delve deeper into the art of Capoeira and get insights from these practitioners who have dedicated their lives to teaching and spreading Capoeira.

So we invite all Capoeiristas in India, their friends and family members to witness a landmark achievement for Instrutor Baba and Centre for Capoeira India, as we celebrate 5 years of Capoeira in India. The journey only gets better from here on.

The date and venue for the Batizado are -

2nd December 2011 (Friday)  -  Children and Adult's Batizado & Troca de Cordão
Venue: Juhu Gymkhana, Juhu, Mumbai

For more information on the Batizado, check out the Events page on this blog and also visit the Facebook page - Capoeira da India

Profesor Piolho Workshop June - July 2011

Profesor Piolho, one of the most skilled and equally well known Capoeiristas from Cordao De Ouro, Paris, arrived in India on the 28th of June 2011. A student of Mestre Chicote, his acrobatic and smooth Capoeira was a treat to watch and learn from. He conducted some brilliant workshops and gave us insights into his life as a Capoeirista. A truly rewarding experience!

Here are some of the pictures from his visit -